CMBC News 

Students in Smith Lab test effects of Ocean Acidification (September 2013) 

Nikon USA features Dr. Octavio Aburto (September 2013)

Sardine Fishery Video (Priscila Parker & Octavio Aburto)

Appetite for Caviar Could See Paddlefish Suffer Sturgeon's Fate (Phaedra Doukakis - March 2013)

Effects of cold stress and heat stress on coral fluorescence in reef-building corals (Melissa Roth- March 2013 )

Vibrant mix of Marine Life found at Extreme Ocean Depths (Natasha Gallo- February 201 )

Obama Appoints MAS-MBC Grad to Key Post for Whale Conservation (10-23-12)

Student explores depths of the Bering Sea collaborating with Greenpeace  (7-25-12)

Science in search of earth's secrets JOIDES Resolution expedition (7-12)

San Diego Coastal Expedition explores cold seeps  (7-12)

Capstone Symposium for MAS-Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (6-12)

Seafloor Vent Ecology - Public radio interview with Lisa Levin (WAMC-5-3-12)

CMBC Comments on National Ocean Policy Implementation (by Lisa Levin and deep sea stewards)

CMBC plans for next decade of research (1-27-12)

Current Ocean News

Biodiversity Protects Against Disease (NSF - News Item 2/13/2013)

The Natural Numbers Behind the Sardine Fishery in the Gulf of California (WWF - March 2013)

Fluorescent Light Revealed as Gauge of Coral Health (UCSD News - March 2013


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